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Open Book

God, You know every sin I’ve committed, my life’s a wide-open book before you.

Psalm 69:5
My life is an open book,
because no sin is hidden.
Longing for a fresh outlook,
for my soul is war-ridden.

Because no sin is hidden,
I stand guilty before Him,
and my soul is war-ridden,
with consequences so grim.

I stand guilty before Him,
with my known and unknown faults.
With consequences so grim,
it’s mercy my soul exalts.

With my known and unknown faults,
now I contritely confess.
It’s mercy my soul exalts,
by grace, do I have access?

Now, I contritely confess,
aware of His sacrifice.
By grace, I now have access,
by the precious blood of Christ!

Aware of His sacrifice,
I see my living Savior.
By the precious blood of Christ,
I find the sweetest favor.

I see my living Savior,
and I’m judged guilty no more.
I find the sweetest favor,
and I am blessed down to the core.

I see my living Savior,
who grants me a new outlook.
I find the sweetest favor,
my life is an open book.

Poetry type: Pantoum

4 responses to “Open Book”

  1. What an interesting form. Love it!

    I am well aware of my ‘known’ sins to be sure. It’s the unknown that I pray God will reveal to me. Or, do I really want Him to…. ???

    • It’s a little bit like “things done and things left undone”. We know we should want God to reveal those things to us but sometimes the unknown and the undone are the hardest to face.

      Most merciful God,
      we confess that we have sinned against you
      in thought, word, and deed,
      by what we have done,
      and by what we have left undone.
      We have not loved you with our whole heart;
      we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves.

  2. For the sake of Your son, Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and forgive us…

    The confession is a very humbling part of our liturgy.

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