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Valley of Weeping

Passing through the Valley of Weeping (Baca), they make it a place of springs; the early rain also fills [the pools] with blessing.

Psalm 84:6
Among the valley of weeping,
You’re always there to meet.
Looking after my safe keeping,
Your truth is honey sweet.
Living water, you quell my fears,
even through the valley of tears.
Living water,
Living water,
You quench my thirst through all my years!

Longing for You my soul takes flight,
and gives me gratitude.
Growing my holy appetite,
for heaven's righteous food.
I will praise You Almighty One,
whose radiance outshines the sun.
I will praise You,
I will praise You,
In the brilliant name of your Son.

My sins are covered by Your love,
as You prepare my heart.
Your mercy granted from above,
brings grace that won't depart.
You lift me up on eagles’ wings,
and in Your presence my soul sings.
You lift me up,
You lift me up,
No matter what the future brings.

Poetry type: Trijan Refrain

3 responses to “Valley of Weeping”

  1. I like your poems. They help me to be more grateful. I wanted to reread your writing about your vision of angels but couldn’t relocate it for some reason. So if you have time forward it to me. Love ya and God Bless in Jesus name Mom

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