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Eternal Father

A Vision

Not long after repenting and trusting in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I received His promise by faith, that I was now a child of God. Many months later, He blessed me with a vision of Himself as MY Abba, Father! One particular early morning, I had free time set aside alone to pray, fast and meditate on God’s Word…a rarity. I had just read this verse:

Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death.

James 1:13-15

While praying, I vividly saw Jesus standing in front of me with his back to me. I did not see His face, only His back. Everything looked so real! He was walking forward and I was following close behind him. As a gap began to develop between us, He reached back and grasped my hands tightly. We proceeded together on a narrow path and, as I gazed around, I began to see many earthly temptations on each side of the road. They seemed pleasant at first, but turned into terrible, evil beasts as a veil seemed to be lifted from my eyes. Glancing downward, I saw that Jesus walked barefoot on scorpians as if He were simply waltzing across soft, green grass! Yes, I know that sounds crazy and no, I am not sure if I had my shoes on! I trembled in fear and yet Jesus said “close your eyes”. I leaned my face into His back with my eyes closed and we progressed in step together very, very slowly. He told me not to be afraid and at His words, my fear was gone. The horrible, hideous surroundings were replaced by a beautiful, iridescent light.

Instantly, we were in the throne room of God Almighty. As we approached, I could sense this unexplainable love between God the Father and God the Son. Father God was overjoyed to see His beloved Son and welcomed me as if I were His own! Jesus ushered me into the arms of God Almighty and only when I was safe in the Father’s arms did Jesus release His grip on me. I saw only an indescribable, blinding light. With my eyes closed, I felt myself cradled in the lap of my heavenly Father, like a three year old in her daddy’s embrace. I cried like a baby. His warmth, acceptance and love comforted me and healed me beyond words. While I was in the arms of the Father, my physical body radiated a great heat, especially my back. Time seemingly stood still and after many tears, I came to a point of complete and total peace.

This verse has so much meaning to me:

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

John 1:12-14

What the Holy Spirit inscribed upon my heart with this vision is that we can trust Jesus so much that if we walk with Him, hold on to Him, we can walk with our eyes closed. He is holding onto us and will not let go. To be led in this way, we must willingly trust Him and come to Him in humility. It requires total surrender and confidence in the One leading. Jesus Christ has authority over all things and longs to lead each one of us to the Father. In Christ, we can be free of the power of sin and not only protected but armed in this spiritual battle on earth. Certainly, we will be tempted, but if we fix our eyes on Jesus, He will show us the way out. Jesus alone leads us to the Father. He is the only way to our Father. The Lord God Almighty loves you and me so much. He loves us like a new daddy loves his baby girl or boy – an unconditional, unfailing, warm, protecting kind of love. He longs to pour out His love on us.

When the vision was over the verse that was in my mind was:

Because of this, God raised him up to the heights of heaven and gave him a name that is above every other name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Philippians 2:9-11

It is my prayer that the Lord would use my personal story to encourage you in some way and to remind you of His precious love for you. You are his beloved child! Read more of my testimony here.

Seek Him.  He is waiting for you with open arms!


13 responses to “Eternal Father”

  1. Hi, Scotti:

    I’m so glad I felt led to come here this morning and read this (I’m the editor at Carol’s site, Musings From Down Under).

    I’ve had several visions in my life, and each has been a personal benchmark for me. What is so amazing is the Holy Spirit’s ability to weave scenes and their pictures in our minds that indelibly impress our hearts, things we can “go back to” time and time again when we need to.

    I had a vision of the cross in February of 1997. Ten years ago this month. I was there in this vision, really there. I felt the splinters at my head as I bowed at the foot of Christ’s cross. I felt His warm blood slowly seep down onto my head and shoulders as I wept. When I looked up, they were taking Him down, and as I watched them carry His body off, I saw the sky as at sunrise or sunset.

    I had been a Chrisitan a long time when I had this vision, but it fitted me for an outreach I would never have been able to perform otherwise.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I believe that transparency is essential to the “pressing forward” of our Christian living.

  2. Thank you for sharing your vision. I was interested in it, because of my experiences with Heaven. Maybe we can talk sometime.

  3. What an amazing vision. It is definitely an encouragement and also an exhortation on the importance of remaining close, close, close to Jesus as the world swirls around us. Thank you.

  4. I am a stay at home mom who gave up my nursing career to be at home with my girls . I have 2 teens Sarah (19) and Steffie (16). Sarah started having prophetic dreams about 5 years ago. I also have had some amazing dreams.
    I went to Israel in 1984 ..after having a dream where the white dove alighted upon my head and I felt like electricity shoot thru me. The Bible kept opening to where Jesus was baptized in Jordan River, and I had a peace that surpasses understanding that it was God’s will for me to go to Israel.
    I never came back the same. I developed a passion for Israel and Jewishness of Scriptures and love of Messianic MInistries
    I then atteneded a Messianic Congregation called Chosen People Ministries for a couple of years until the Lead Pastor left for the USA his hometown .
    I moved farther away from this Church and eventually only visited occasionally.
    I then attended Pentecostal Churches but always missed the Jewishness and Messianic flavor like @ Chosen People.
    I still miss it terribly to this day.
    I fell in love with Bible prophecy in the 80’s thru Hal Lindsey books. I have always loved this topic . It is my passion along with supporting Jewish Gospel Jews for Jesus or friends of Israel Gospel Ministry..or Bridges for Peace..You can tell where my heart lies.
    I have studied Bible prophecy myself for many years now, and cannot get enough of it.It is just so exciting as we await the Lord’s return.
    I will definitely finish my testimony here, but it will take awhile..
    I’d like to tell you how my brother received Jesus in 1987 and then had a nervous breakdown as he was attacked by enemy .At this time after a 4 day fast that I undertook, I pleaded with my mom (Kay) to pray with a pastor from our Church, and after he prayed :”Lord reveal yourself to this mother”…Jesus spoke audibly to her saying word for word 3 times …”Why do you worry? Let Me worry for you.
    Again and again a third time. A month later she picked up a booklet on worry that sat idle on her coffee table and word for word SAME words Jesus spoke to her audibly were written there.
    I married in 1983 …to Steve —and had my daughter in 1988 starting with Sarah..I married at age 31 although I had a few other proposals over the years but I felt not ready..
    Then Steffie came in 1991.
    I gave up nursing of which I was a pediatric nurse in 1988–right after having sarah.
    I have never regretted it one bit.
    I wanted the kids to love Jesus as I do..and they’re both born again.
    I had them in public and private schools for awhile but now homeschool for the past 5 yrs.
    Sarah started having prophetic dreams about 5 yrs ago..just would wake up and tell me she heard: “Jesus is coming soon”
    Over passing of time messsage was more urgent ..”Jesus is coming very very soon”.
    This last year of 2007 –she had amazing dreams which again she heard Jesus is coming NOW! There’ll be no more warning…Clean up house as this is last warning.
    She also few years ago..heard “Jesus is coming on ROsh Hashana”.
    She had the dream on very day of Rosh Hashana itself in fact..
    I know to be discerning…we just don’t know which Rosh Hashana..
    I don’t know why Lord is telling us all these things. I know we are terribly blessed if we bless Israel.
    Sarah then in October past had another dream..She saw mushroom cloud go off from our back window and ran downstairs to pray with her sister and got on her knees and asked God to make them ready for Heaven.
    Then sister’s legs disappeared and whole body changed and Steffie floated upstairs..then sarah’s body changed same way and she floated upstairs too.
    I who was standing in kitchen , almost had the blast of the nuke upon me like a hair’s breath away when I too was changed just in the nick of time. We all were taken up high into sky and Sarah saw devastation hit including our house .
    In dream she warned me to witness to our neighbour’s 2 kids who live next door.They are HIndu.
    I obeyed and prayed with these 2 youngsters at my coffee table the next day and they received Jesus into their hearts.
    THey are Simmi (6) and Jivan (11)..They really adore my girls anyways so it was wonderful to see them ask Jesus in.
    The next dream at end of October 2007…about a week after children accepted Jesus ..Sarah had ANOTHER dream where she saw Simmi and Jivan standing in our house along with Steffie and me downstairs….when sarah saw Jesus in the sky out our back window.
    He was in bright light and had on robe and Sceptre in His right hand…She said He looked far off in the sky…Then they all heard the trumpet sound! Sarah said it sounds like shofar…All kids heard it and they all ran outside to look.
    After these dreams at the end of October in early NOvember Sarah started having pains all over her body of which has continued until today..
    Doctors said it’s all in her head…anxiety…She’s having chest pains..tingling in hands and legs, and numbness…dizziness …now vision problems..double vision..and headaches for past week non stop..along with nack pain..pains all over the place..She may only feel better for a day or so then symptoms are back with new ones added..Tonight she felt tremoring also..
    I have appointment today 2 PM this afternoon to see neurologist …I hope I’m wrong but at the back of my mind Multiple Sclerosis keeps popping into my head…I hope not..
    BUt we;ll see ..i had problem getting doctor to do MRI so please pray it will finally get done.
    I will keep you posted and I will pass this website along to 5 Doves website …please visit there…
    God bless ——-Stephanie from Ontario Canada
    PLease email me if you like @

  5. I had a vision a few months back. I saw the Lord, his eyes blazing. He said to me “Fear God.” It’s stuck with me, He’s really helping me know the Fear of God, He has put a burden on me to seek Holiness and has shown me it is only found in Him, by living and walking in the Spirit and abiding in Him. He has shown me that the if we abide in Him He abides in us, we must keep his commandments and follow Him wherever He leads. In humble obedience. Thank you for your testimony scotti, its encouraging to hear.
    May God bless you.

  6. Had the “eyes blazing” vision in 1991. Fast forwarding to 2008 — on May 23rd — the Lord appeared to me in the Shekenah of the Father’s glory as prophesied in Revelation 1:20. When inside the Shekenah, I saw many other visions and the mystery of God was revealed.

    Satan has established his throne in the heart of mankind, but the power of God’s word is utterly beyond comprehension.

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