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Spirit of Life

The Holy Spirit will give you life that comes from Christ Jesus and will set you free from sin and death.

Romans 8:2

It’s His love that sets me free,
Christ’s rich mercy will abound,
With a splendor most profound,
Binding to eternity.

I once was blind, now I see,
Calming peace of Comfort’s sound,
It’s His love that sets me free,
Christ’s rich mercy will abound.

Spirit of Life flow through me,
Slave to Truth now glory bound.
Softened heart is fertile ground,
Fruitful blessed trinity,
It’s His love that sets me free.

Poetry Type: Rondel

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7 responses to “Spirit of Life”

  1. Scotti, every single line of this poem moves me, encourages me, thrills me, convicts me, excites me and blesses me so much.

  2. By the way, love the Hallelujah Jesus song. To me worship songs should be all about Him and not about us!!!!

  3. Hi Scotti. What a great reminder in Romans! I discover as I become older, I’m more aware and grateful for this Spirit of Life to curb me from wrongdoings. Enjoyed your write.

  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you in all things.


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