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Precious Even In Death

The LORD cares deeply when his loved ones die.

Psalm 116:15

O merciful God, so full of mercy,
Comfort is found in remembering Your love!

So precious in Your sight,
The departed are now held peacefully in Your arms.
After a long, full life and a fierce battle till the end,
This one has now seen Jesus face to face!
Delivered from the burden of the flesh…
Once and for all.

O merciful God, so full of mercy,
Comfort is found in remembering Your love!

Taken too soon, or so it seems
yet we know God’s timing is perfect.
We long for the one who was always there,
this loving, non-judgmental soul,
who was always there.
Living the life of a free spirit,
a fun-loving soul, a peacemaker.
A spirit who is truly now free.

O merciful God, so full of mercy,
Comfort is found in remembering Your love!

Lord God, you bless the dying and sooth the suffering;
Somehow, we are dear to You, even in death.
I continue to be amazed by Your Love and Mercy,
Even in death.

Poetry Type: Free Verse, Monody

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6 responses to “Precious Even In Death”

  1. Scotti,
    When I read this, I felt the pain of loss and mourning in your words. I also felt the hope that we have in Jesus and praise him for defeating death and for his promise of eternal life. The hope of a time when we will be reunited with those for whom we mourn.

    Another fine piece, Scotti!


  2. Thank you, David. I find myself fluctuating between the pure joy of knowing my Aunt is with Jesus and the pain of missing her so much. This is the normal part of the grieving process, I suppose. It is nice to have the blog as an outlet and so comforting to have the support of so many caring saints.

    May God bless you, David, today and always.

  3. It is so natural Scotti and I pray that the fluctuating emotions result in more times of the pure joy of know your aunt is with Jesus than the pain of missing her. Beautiful poem.

  4. Hi Sylvia,

    It’s so nice to hear from you. Your are a very precious sister in the Lord.

    God Bless You!

  5. Scotti,
    You never cease to amaze. It is as if David the Psalmist speaks through you. What you write is prayer more than poetry. Amazing.


  6. Thank you, V, you are very gracious. I agree that this posting is more like a prayer than a poem but it was what was on my heart at the time.

    I am an avid fan and reader of yours! Your reflections prompt me to do some serious thinking.
    Have a blessed day,

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