Morning Star Poetry

Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness!


Thorns among surviving lilies
still darkness hides silently
true  glory  shining  bright
radiant  blooming petals
lush  and  colorful oasis
permeating fragrance
pruning and loving
perpetual springs
fertile  ground
Christ within
within Christ
ground  fertile
springs perpetual
loving and pruning
fragrance permeating
oasis colorful  and  lush
petals blooming  radiant
bright  shining  glory  true
silently hides darkness still
lilies surviving among thorns

Lord, help us not be afraid of those who scorn, even if thistles and thorns are with us…help us not to lose heart but to share Your love instead. Let Your Word fall on the fertile ground of our souls and bear much fruit. Prune the garden of our hearts by Your love and grace. Remind us that there is no darkness that Your Light cannot penetrate. Let our constant prayers of thankfulness be a sweet fragrance to you. Amen.

This poem is called a Palindrome, or mirrored poetry. It reads the same forward and backward! Try one….it’s fun! I would also call it Word Art since the words paint a picture of Jesus as caretaker of our hearts.


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5 responses to “Gardener”

  1. This is really incredible. I’m really glad to have come into contact with you. The Lord has given you a gift for poetry and all who stop by here will be blessed.

  2. Wow, a new favorite. Such a gift from our Lord to you. Scotti, have you checked out Faith Walk ? You will be blessed. She is not a poetry blogger, but you will be blessed in a different way. Blessings to you. Sandi

  3. Scotti this is such a beautiful poem and I love the way you wrote it! I miss and love you and your precious family SO much. Come visit your family at NW Fellowship this CHRISTMAS season. Love you sweet sister in CHRIST.:)

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