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Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness!


What manner of love
stays obedient through death
as torture’s witness?

Poetry Type: Haiku

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5 responses to “Sacrifice”

  1. Hi Scotti. Great angle to substance. Thank you.

    Sad to say some sacrifices today are sheer destructive killing of innocents and bystanders.

    Let’s pray for true sacrifice of love. In Christ,

    So true, gleechoo. I appreciate your comments.
    In Him,

  2. Such a powerful post Scotti, and written from the heart. Every blessing to you from Christ, who gives so richly.

    Hi Sylvia,
    Thank you for stopping by…you have truly blessed me with your comments.

  3. Very sobering words . . . very sobering question . . .

    Thank you Scotti for presenting it in poetic form.



    Hi Cathy,
    Yes, it is sobering to think about the love that Jesus has for us – that He willingly laid down His life so that everyone who has faith in Him will have everlasting life! It is almost incomprehensable until you experiece His love first hand. With this question, I was also contemplating on the many martyrs throughout history who have willingly given their lives rather than renounce Christ. I question if my faith is truly that strong.
    Blessings to you today,

  4. Wonderful poem and question. I feel so blessed to know the answer to that question. It’s the incredible love of Jesus! Thanks for sharing.

    Amen, Carol!

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