Morning Star Poetry

Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness!

Tag: sestina

  • Time Twister

    Time Twister

    Happiness, so the ancient proverb goes, does not notice the passing of time,Meanwhile, we oscillate between frantic schedules and boredom today,Weighing those tragic instances when the world seems to stop in the present,Or when hours fly quickly by in dreams and morph their way into tomorrow.They say time heals even though persistent memories melt into our future,So…

  • I AM

    I AM

    I once questioned each step along the wayWhile longing to uncover paths of truth;Thus pondering the meaning of my life,And venturing through ev’ry open door.For stolen water’s sweet with secret bread,As if fondling the darkness for true light. Night as heavy as a feather is light,So desolate I felt destruction’s way.When nimbly kneading at Nietzche’s…

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