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The Nazarene

He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. 

Isaiah 53:3
A tree took root in Galilee
from Judah’s tribe, for all to see.
Of royal lines, with high repute
in Galilee, a tree took root.

His reign foretold, from David’s branch
by God’s design and not by chance.
He is the Christ, to all behold
from David’s branch, His reign foretold.

By heaven’s hands, from Jesse’s stock
upon this stone, our solid rock.
No greater love, His banner stands
from Jesse’s stock, by heaven’s hands.

The cornerstone, He was adorned
but first He was despised and scorned.
A carpenter, mocked by His own
He was adorned, the cornerstone.

With holy fruits from budding vines
Messiah blooms, His glory shines.
His righteousness to us imputes
from budding vines with holy fruits.

God’s peace He brings, our risen Lord
His lasting grace, our great reward.
From Jesse’s stump, His mercy springs
our risen Lord, God’s peace He brings.

Poetry Type: Swap Quatrain

3 responses to “The Nazarene”

  1. I was blessed to see three new poems from you! Again, I am running out of superlatives for you!

    The last stanza really hits home. His Grace… His mercy… His peace.


  2. The Nazarene Church in Farmer City is where Grandma Daisy would go to worship when she visited us. I remember holding her hand at age five and walking a block to the church with her. Your poem reminded me of her and your words were not understood then but are gracious now. I love your poem. People need to know who Jesus is. Love ya and God Bless in Jesus name MOM

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