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Truly Blessed

Jesus said, “Because you have seen Me, do you now believe? Blessed [happy, spiritually secure, and favored by God] are they who did not see Me and yet believed in Me.

John 20:29
By trusting God with our future, we find rest,
and we long to give Jesus all the glory,
for His grace is the highlight of our story!
Wrapped in His divine love, we are truly blessed.

In Christ we have peace, let the Spirit attest.
Although many things remain a mystery,
even with signs and wonders through history,
God's lovingkindness has always been expressed.

This world is not our home and keeps us blinded
with lies, deception, and unanswered questions.
Caught up in ourselves and what the day will bring,
as Satan stands ready to make suggestions.

Who are we in Christ? Let us be reminded!
We are truly blessed by our anointed King!

Poetry Type: Italian Sonnet

3 responses to “Truly Blessed”

  1. And, oh, does Satan have plenty of suggestions!!

    Praying for the peace of Christ for you, Scotti.

    Thank you for this ministry.


    • All day – every day – Satan gives suggestions and deception! Lord, help us to always discern Your truth!

      Thank you for your prayers and thank you for calling this poetry blog a ministry. That brightens my day!

      • You are welcome! A very heartfelt and beautiful ministry at that! Have a great day, Scotti.


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