Morning Star Poetry

Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness!


The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? 

Psalm 27:1

My hiding place when darkness falls
Sleep is so sweet within Your walls
Safe in Your arms, under Your grace
When darkness falls, my hiding place

You keep me on the narrow path
Redeem me from eternal wrath
Your light shines brighter each new dawn
The narrow path, You keep me on 

Calling Your name, down on my knees
Protect me from these troubled seas
Cover me while satan takes aim
Down on my knees, calling Your name 

Christ’s victory, I’m trusting in
Lead me from temptation and sin
In righteousness, from evil flee
I’m trusting in Christ’s victory 

You are the way, to You I yield
Mighty armor and faithful shield
Guide me to a hopeful new day
To You I yield, You are the way 

Deliver me, my strong tower
Under wings of divine power
Preserved by Your tender mercy
My strong tower, deliver me 

Protection found, a place so warm
Safety in the eye of the storm
My salvation, my holy ground
A place so warm, protection found  

You are my Rock, whom shall I fear?
When I am weak, draw ever near
Holding on tight, in step we walk
Whom shall I fear? You are my Rock!

Life can be so turbulant and unpredictable!  Have you ever felt as if you were facing a thundering black funnel cloud speeding in your direction? How can we have peace in our souls while the trials of this life whirl around us? After talking to a friend who was facing tough times, I was inspired to write about God’s protection in the face of a brewing storm. While I was meditating on scripture, I had this image of clinging to Jesus as He stood firmly in the eye of a massive storm. I believe He has the power to tame the storm, yet many times, He wants us to experience trials so that we will become more dependent on Him. One of God’s faithful promises is that we can find peace and protection in Him! I pray that you will turn to Him today for protection. Amen! 

Poetry Type: Swap Quatrain

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One response to “Protector”

  1. From the heart… This is beautiful… and so inspiring.. I used to write poetry, I got away from it… You have that gift. Keep going..

    In Christ…

    P.S. I am honored to be on your blogroll.

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